I'm Breathing...Are You Breathing Too?

24 year old Certified massage therapist who watches Star Wars way too much and can eat my own weight in food. Movie buff! There's also someone else walking around with my same face. 🌴🌙☕♋

“That’s what real love amounts to - letting a person be what he really is. Most people love you for who you pretend to be. To keep their love, you keep pretending - performing. You get to love your pretence. It’s true, we’re locked in an image, an act - and the sad thing is, people get so used to their image, they grow attached to their masks. They love their chains. They forget all about who they really are. And if you try to remind them, they hate you for it, they feel like you’re trying to steal their most precious possession.”

—   Jim Morrison (via psych-facts)

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A couple of days ago, I was told that I was “too hot to be a virgin”. What does that even mean?😫😶 Idk

“I cant wait until I can roll over at 2 a.m. to find your lips instead of a text”

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Selfie Sunday or whatever💁 
In my apartment for the night.
 I💜overalls #Loser #FarmersOnlyDotCom




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This is what I had for lunch… Breakfast anytime of the day 👍

Look who’s got a new solo project! Brent Walsh of I the Mighty @BrentwalshITM! Great stuff, check it out and RT http://t.co/M8DzoU9BvJ

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